Beach Meditation

By: Helen Joy Ciraulo

A beach meditation

The waters edge, a balm for me

soothing breezes caress against my cheeks

the warm sand slips between my toes

my mind quiets into a foggy haze

I breathe the purity of fresh, salt air

My hair dances in the sun

Peace covers my body like a cozy, knitted shawl

The pounding surf calls me into a dreamy state

I become one with the beauty of this paradise

Sunny rays sparkle in my eyes

the glistening sand becomes a jewel

My heart feels the beauty of the landscape

I stand mesmerized in the cool, refreshing waves

feeling the intensity of this special moment

the sacred gift of nature’s splendor.

Artist Statement

I am a poet and painter living in Monmouth County. A lover and supporter of the arts!

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