In small group gatherings, Nancy provides reading, discussion, and individual feedback on your pieces. She creates a space for seeing your writing in new ways and taking risks. In the spirit of making art, Nancy believes that the glimmers and wonder in good writing comes from the subconscious. Writing prompts, in-class exercises and fun are all part of the experience.

What People Have Said...

“ Nancy Bryan is a wonderful teacher and mentor. In her workshops and one-on-one sessions she creates an atmosphere of comfort and safety. She brings a breadth of knowledge to each session, sharing her personal experience as a writer. As a result each session is interesting and motivating. I am an improved, more organized, and more thoughtful writer since I started working with her. ”

-Dorothy Doyle

Upcoming Events

April 4-7, 2022

Memoir, via Brookdale’s Lifelong Learning Department

Through in-class writing exercises, reading, and discussion you will discover new paths to your story. We will look for language and images that shine in your work, and push to the edge of our personal experiences—to discover new ways of seeing. This is a generative workshop so join us to create, imagine and write anew.

Past Events

August 2021

Memoir, via Brookdale’s Lifelong Learning Department

Memoir at Brookdale in August.

Upcoming Dates - Spring 2022

Check Life long learning catalogue or email me for dates.

October 2021

Live Streams: A Writers Gathering*

How can we express our gratitude to the rivers, ocean, creeks and estuaries—the watery world around us? How can we say thank you? We will
look to literature for inspiration and to our own imaginations and memories. Let’s discover the glimmers of our individual experiences through
writing exercises and sharing.

Email if interested in future gatherings on this topic.

*Donations go to Waterspirit, a non-profit organization located in Rumson, NJ.

December 2021

Poem-Making Sessions

You will draw from visual art, found text, random words and themes to make several pieces of writing that might add up to a long poem or a collage of thoughts and feelings. Poetry comes from the everyday world—so objects, the landscape out your window, and books on your desk or here, depending on whether it’s in-person, could all be part of the making process. These monthly gatherings are held on Saturday afternoons in the spirit of finding the
strange and silent threads of poetry.

Please email me if interested in upcoming winter sessions.


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