Dads Letter from Italy 1944

By: Angie Cardin

This is a letter Dad wrote to his father from Italy in 1944. His father coupled it with a newpaper description of the Division Dad was in and what they were doing. It has always touched my heart.

Artist Statement

Since high school I’ve been working with poetry and, since the age of 26, I’ve sculpted. Large parts of forty years, three sons, and full-time work, was lost to creating much formal work in either poetry or sculpture, (although those years were very busy!) I’m so grateful that in the years remaining, I have the opportunity to devote the time and energy that each art form requires. The sense of “flow”, when you are deeply immersed in the process of creating, is wonderful.

Angie Cardin

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  1. Nancy Bryan on April 19, 2023 at 3:54 pm

    A beautiful handwritten letter from son to father! A window in to a young man’s heart and mind in one of the most difficult battles of that time. I love how this letter has kept the writer and the reader alive–truly a piece of art. Thank you, Angie for sharing such a personal letter that has the words to touch all of our hearts.

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