Grotto, Clutch, Back Bending Lady


First Piece (Image 0713, 0714) – Back Bend

Second Piece (Image 0713, 0714) – Reclining Nude

Third Piece (Image 0690) Grotto

Fourth Piece (Image 00685, 0676) Desire



Artist Statement

My name is Angie Cardin. I’ve been sculpting since I was about 26. I stopped when I was 41 because my teacher, who had been trained in Europe, died, and my life had become overtaken by responsibility During the pandemic I crept back to my old love, and started again, feeling hopeless about recovering my skill. I hope all of you enjoy looking at the sculptures as much as I enjoyed creating them.
Angie Cardin


  1. Nancy Bryan on April 1, 2023 at 10:54 am

    Dear Angie,
    These pieces are incredibly beautiful and moving! Each one seems to speak to a part of my experience as a woman–the pleasure and the pain (the dark and light). In these female figures, we see your artistry, your talent, and your passion. May you feel valued and may you find your way back to the sculpting practice, to this sensual body that you have so generously shared with us. Your work is truly inspirational. Wow! I’m in awe.

  2. Sabrina (Brie) Manno on May 15, 2023 at 7:01 pm

    Wow, Angie, I had no idea you were so talented at sculpting! These pieces feel almost … holy … to me, reminiscent of the Virgin Mary. I’m not sure why they bring her to mind, but they do. Breathtaking, my friend! I am so happy to know so many of us writers enjoy other ways of creating art! It’s all magic.

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